Mittwoch, 30. April 2014

Diabetes BE

Diabetes BE

*** Diabetes sufferers beware! ***

This app will change your life! With this app you can have your diabetes better control.
~ BE calculation anytime & anywhere available
~ intuitive operation (also for diabetes kids very well)
~ 6x practical food lists
~ 1x individual list for personal supplement of Food

Including warning at above-average value (BE).

Interest Calculator

These interest calculator app offers comprehensive functions. With this app you can calculable different constellations.
You can, for example:

Description: a fixed sum is the applied, either with or without amount.
"Monthly payment" 
Description: an amount is saved up the monthly, either with or without monthly deposit.
Description: the duration is selectable as either years or months.
Description: the percent (interest) are also selectable per month or per year.
"Compound Interest" 
Description: You can enable or disable this option at any calculation.
You can combine all of these choices with each other and adapt to your situation. Interest Calculator was designed simply to keep it as clear as possible.

Freitag, 13. Dezember 2013

Percent Calculator

Percent Calculator is a very useful tool, that can help you get your life. You can use this app useful in different situations.
Percent Calculator features a wide range of functions:

- Simple percentage calculation
- Percent discount
- Tip
- Add percent
- Margin
- Calculate fraction

Intuitive app!

LED Super Flashlight

LED Super Flashlight Free / Google Play

With this LED Super Flashlight you will turn the night into day. Always ready, easy and safe control with just one hand!
Get the most of your camera flash out and you'll see yourself!


Calculator Free / Google Play

Calculator is a very simple and easy to use calculator! It has most of the features that are needed in everyday life.
Calculator shows already during the calculation the intermediate result, so you always know where you are.
Calculator requires little memory on your device and saves battery power, because it is designed to be simple.
The design adapts to your version of Android.